Sunday, February 2, 2014

Too Hot to Handle

I hope everyone affected by the snow made it safely through! It was pretty though! I got stranded with my 7 month old Grandbaby and had to leave my car but luckily a relative of sorts was behind me in a four wheel drive so she took us to my daughter and we made it safely to her house. I've had 'Too Hot to Handle'finished for quite awhile but I wasn't quite satisfied with it so I made some changes. I put more folds in the cloth therefore changing the design on the cloth and changed the background to more blue than black. I like it better but what's your opinion. This is the second blog with the stages but I wanted to post them again with the final version. I've entered it and 'Keen on Jelly Beans' in the Transparent Watercolor Society Exhibition so I'm anxiously waiting to see if one of them gets in. This is my first time enter the TWSA. I hope you enjoy the different stages of 'Too Hot to Handle". Some of the pictures were taken with my phone and the lighting is different in them.


  1. I enjoyed your wip shots. Thank you for sharing them. I don't see why both of your paintings shouldn't make it into the show. They are excellent!

  2. Your paintings are absolutely wonderful... I too paint in watercolours but have a long way to go :)