Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is there a correct way to blog?

I keep procrastinating on blogging because I feel like I'm not a very good writer. I keep asking myself what can I say that would interest people. So I've been reading other artist's blogs and mostly they seem to be written like one would talk to their friend. Nothing profound, just ordinary, day to day stuff in the every day life of an artist. I'm going to try this and see how it works. Maybe the more I blog, the more I will think of to say, hopefully.

Cherry painting that is languishing in my studio until I say it's finished.
I recently read a post in Fine Art Views Newsletter by Donald Fox that seemed to give me  permission to write my blog any way I choose.   These few sentences by Donald Fox seemed to say just what I needed to hear. "Well, why not just write? You don’t have to make the blog be a certain way. What you feel or think on one day may not be the same another day. As human beings, we’re allowed to have opinions and change our minds on occasion. So what if sometimes there are conflicting thoughts or slightly disorganized ones? With all the challenges we have to face every single day, all the decisions we have to make, isn’t there room for a bit of inconsistency?"

 "The blogger can present his or her thoughts in whatever way he/she chooses. Since the writing is being published to the web, however, there is an intended audience, and writing for an audience should require somewhat organized thinking on the part of the writer. Still, this isn’t formal writing, and no blood, sweat, or tears, are required." 
Go to http://donaldfoxfineart.com/blog/48300/not-about-art-or-is-it to read the rest of Donald Fox's blog.

Stay tuned for more and better blogs!  Hope you are having a great week!