Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Progress of New Painting

My new painting is progressing slowly. I had hoped to have it finished by now but haven't succeeded. I'm not sure my shadow is dark enough or the right colors. Comments are appreciated. Shadows really give me a lot of trouble. I keep thinking I will master them someday. I added the table top on the corners and I'm thinking of adding it to the upper right corner too. What do you think? The glow in the silver hasn't popped yet so I'm anxious to start working on it again this morning.
Any suggestions for a name for the painting? I'm stumped. Also, I want to start or  continue a series of paintings that reflect things of the South. My ideas so far are for a pitcher and glass of ice tea on a vintage cloth outside. Also, a lemonade one of the same. Any suggestions??

While painting yesterday, I got frustrated and finally just stopped. However, that was after 6 hours of painting so maybe it was time to stop. . It's cloudy and foggy today so it's a perfect day for me to paint. I love rainy days! So off to work I go, down through the muddy & cow paddie dotted pasture. Would you like to see pictures of my studio surrounded by pasture, cows and trees?

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